The Sweet Pea Package

A bespoke social media package for your business.

The Sweet Pea Package is ideal for:

  • New and/or small businesses who need to boost their brand awareness
  • Organisations with established social media platforms who want to build an engaged audience
  • Brands who already have an engaged audience and want to drive traffic to their website

The Sweet Pea Package includes:

  • An audit of any social media platforms you may be running
  • A competitor review
  • The development of 3 user personas
  • A tone of voice review
  • The set-up and/or optimisation of your social media platforms
  • The segmentation of your audiences to make sure you’re targeting all potential customers
  • Relationship building with key influencers for your brand and campaign
  • The opportunity to use 5 hours per week (20 hours per month) of my social media expertise to implement our plan for your business
  • The development and management of 6-week campaigns during the year to give your brand, sales, or bookings a big boost
  • A report on agreed “Key Performance Indicators” so that we can measure your results
  • Interaction and engagement monitoring
  • The monitoring of your competitors’ social media
  • Developing conversations with people who interact with your social media platforms
  • The sourcing and curation of content to share that will appeal to your audience
  • Data gathering through analytics to improve results
  • The running of competitions via your social media platforms (if you wish)
  •  Social media advertising (should your budget allow)
  • A weekly call and update report
  • A final report on any campaigns

Cost: From £500 per month.