Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Services by Sweet Pea Media (here in referred to as Contractor) for the Client (here in referred to as Company).


  • With effect of the commencement date, the Contractor will carry out the specified project unless this agreement is terminated by either party serving not less than one month’s notice.


The Contractor agrees:

  • To undertake and provide the services in accordance with any brief and deadline set by the Company.
  • To carry out the services in an expert and diligent manner;
  • Not to undertake any additional services or accept other engagements which may lead to any conflict of interest between the Contractor and the best interests of the Company during their appointment;
  • To delegate performance of their services to such suitably qualified and experienced personnel as they deem appropriate if at any time they are unable to perform their services due to circumstances beyond their control;
  • To keep the Company informed of progression of the services in which they are engaged in the form of a weekly phone call, a written report at the end of each campaign and other appropriate communication as and when needed.


  • Fees are payable monthly under the Terms of Payment.
  • Any out of pocket expenses, such as social media advertising fees that haven’t been covered by the Company, will be paid to the Contractor on submission of an invoice and a receipt from the social media platform detailing costs.
  • All queries will be responded to within 24 hours. Should the Company anticipate that it will require a faster turnaround, an additional 20% will be added on to any prices quoted.


  • The Contractor will invoice monthly in advance of each month starting.
  • The Contractor will invoice monthly in arrears for any expenses and extra duties.
  • All invoices shall be paid within 14 days of receipt.


  • The Company has the right to terminate this agreement at any time by summary notice without any payment in lieu in the event of the Contractor being:
      • In material breach of this agreement
      • Neglecting or becoming incapable of efficiently providing the project
  • The Contractor has the right to terminate this agreement at any time by summary notice should the Company not adhere to the Terms of Payment.


  • The parties acknowledge a duty not to disclose, during or after the duration of this agreement, without the other’s written permission any confidential information either concerning the other’s business, its business plans, customers or associated companies.


  • The Contractor will ensure that, to the best of their ability, all images and copy they use do not infringe upon copyright or other third parties. The Company will ensure that all images and copy provided by them for the Contractor’s use do not infringe rights of a third party or copyright. In the event that rights are infringed by copy or images provided by the Company, the Contractor will not be held liable.


  • This agreement shall be construed and performed in all respect in accordance with and governed by UK Law.
  • Both parties agree to comply with all data protection legislation, not limited to the Data protection act 1998 and any subsequent amendments.