The Summer Ready Package

Do your clients or customers know what they can expect from you this summer? If you want to reach busy people who are searching for things to do, places to visit and products or services to buy, then you need to make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

As well as including our Sweet Pea Package the Summer Ready Package also includes a weekly blog post or newsletter during the 6-week campaign plus a page of copy for your website about your summer offerings.

The Summer Ready Package includes:

  • An audit of any social media platforms you may be running
  • A competitor review
  • The development of 3 user personas
  • A tone of voice review
  • The set-up and/or optimisation of your social media platforms
  • The segmentation of your audiences to make sure you’re targeting all potential customers
  • Relationship building with key influencers for your brand and campaign
  • The development and management of a 6-week campaign over up to 3 social media platforms
  • A report on agreed “Key Performance Indicators” so that we can measure your campaign’s results
  • Interaction and engagement monitoring
  • The monitoring of your competitors’ social media
  • Developing conversations with people who interact with your social media platforms
  • The sourcing and curation of content to share that will appeal to your audience
  • Data gathering through analytics to improve results
  • The running of a competition via your social media platforms (if you wish)
  •  Social media advertising (should your budget allow)
  • A weekly call and update report
  • A final report on your campaign, using the targets set at the beginning
  • 6 x blog posts OR 6 x newsletters during the 6-week campaign
  • A page of copy for your website prior to the campaign launch

Cost: £899